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Unfortunately, Microsoft tried to be too smart at helping Access accept dates.

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Once you have achieved a certain level of success, it can be harder than ever to find someone interested in you for who you are and not what you have. If you are outside the USA, or developing applications that may be used in other countries, you must know to handle dates in Access. In some countries, the date separators are dots or dashes, not slashes.Things can go wrong at four points: Define the date format for your locale in Windows Control Panel | Regional Settings.You can therefore use your local date format when you enter dates into the user interface part of Access: tables, queries, forms, or the Criteria of Query Design View.In general, the Format property of the control has to do with how Access displays data and does not control data entry.

However, if you set the Format property to "Short Date" or similar, Access is unable format an invalid entry, so only valid dates are accepted.

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The solution is to explicitly typecast all calculated date fields, e.g.: (Note: CDate() fails on Null values, so CVDate() has more uses than the "compatibility" issue highlighted in the Access documentation.) With these few simple tricks, you can create databases that can be safely used anywhere, even if the user's date formats are different from the developer's. The results from Weekday Name() therefore change, depending on your the settings for your locale.