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Please keep in mind that assignments are provided based on business needs, therefore, you could join any of our beautiful ships!

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Your recruiter will discuss this with you in more detail.It is important to join the ship healthy and ready to work.If you have any prescriptions that have been cleared as part of your pre employment medical exam, those should be filled for the duration of your assignment before you join.Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.Just click on each question to view the response: A C1-D visa is a non-immigrant visa issued by US embassies around the world.In most cases, the examination is at the employees' expense.

The examination should be conducted through one of RCL's approved medical facilities.

Should employees become ill while onboard, each ship has a team of dedicated medical professionals that will provide assistance at not cost to the crew member.

However, while the medical team is ready to assist in any urgent situation, they shouldn't be considered your primary medical care provider.

Other: travel alarm clock, medication, beach towel, camera, walkman//MP3 player, and hair dryer.

Objects that may represent a hazard are prohibited.

Once the medical examination is complete and approved by our corporate medical department, employees will be cleared to travel.