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A Jewish Nazi-refugee family moves to Walton's Mountain from Germany.

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He has no trouble killing a bear when it attacks his father.The Waltons' cow gives birth to a bull calf, which John decides must be sold for truck repair money, much to his children's disappointment.He is able to buy it back after he learns the man he sold it to plans to butcher it.On Christmas Eve 1933, the Waltons prepare for the holiday.However, John Walton (Andrew Duggan), who was forced to take work in another part of the state, has not returned home yet, and his family is becoming increasingly worried.Grandpa Walton takes it as a sign of his own impending death; Ben takes it as a sign he will win the fourth-grade spelling bee; and an unscrupulous relative of the sisters first plans to exploit the meteorite for financial gain, then tries to steal their "Recipe machine".

A young preacher, Matthew Fordwick (John Ritter), comes to Walton's Mountain fresh from seminary, where he has learned the currently-popular fire and brimstone style of preaching.

She learns a hard lesson when he tells her he won't be "tied down" by anybody and leaves without her.

Alvira Drummond (Pippa Scott), a famous stage and screen actress, is relegated to staying at the Walton home after her car breaks down in Walton's Mountain.

The paranoid couple rebuff the Waltons' every attempt at visitation.

John Boy discovers the family secret, and helps the boy find a rabbi, while the others open their home for the ceremony. must come to terms with the fact that, after an initial success, he has spent most of his life in search of "the big story", but has avoided actual writing for fear of failure.

Grandpa convinces the father not to deny his faith, and to honor his son by attending. Covington (David Huddleston), a wandering, well-read man claiming to be a writer, comes to Walton's Mountain, befriends John-Boy and helps him with his writing. John-Boy begins to back away from writing as well when he thinks it is interfering with the needs of his family and causes him to shirk his duties for a lumber contract, but A. encourages him to find value in writing about the little things, which could very well comprise "the big story", now thinking about settling down on the mountain. decides to lend them the money he received from pawning his treasured musical watch to Ike and moves on once more, leaving them a farewell letter signed "Andy", who only his closest friends may call him by.