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That night when I went to the store to purchase the gazebo, I discussed this with Chris and Margo and I have to compliment both of them as they were pleasant and easy to talk to.I made the journey the next day to drive another hour back to the store and when I went into the store to pick my item up, I received a crumbled heap on a dolly.

Just now I came back from the store and again some other type of liquid was on the floor and I came close to falling yet again, luckily I was able to grab onto something. I filed a complaint the first incident and I was told I would be called 1-2 days and have not heard back. Reply I am writing to let you know of my experience at one of your stores this past weekend.MY MOTHER WANTS TO PURCHASE A SECTIONAL FOR ME AS A XMAS GIFT BUT SHE LIVES IN WASHINGTON STATE SO IT WOULD HAVE TO BE PURCHASED OVER THE PHONE. The cashier told me that 2 people had called out, that was the reason for being short. She called for assistance 3 times in my presence (Manager Scottiy).WELL THERES NO BIG LOTS WHERE SHE LIVES, I WANT TO PICK UP ITEM AT MY STORE BUT I KEEP GETTING TOLD THAT YOU DONT ALLOW PURCHASES OVER THE PHONE. No response, he was helping a customer with furniture. In the meantime, the customer line was getting longer and longer.In 1983, Consolidated was purchased by Revco but was soon made a separate company and in 1985 began trading on the American Stock Exchange.The company opened its first official Big Lots stores in 1985.I was looking to purchase the Windsor Gazebo with netting and sides.

I called most of your stores in my area and they were either not in stock or only had the display model left. I asked if they would sell me the display and they said yes.

They could dis-assemble it and have it ready for pick-up.

By the time I called back to let them know that is what I wanted to do, they could no longer assemble it to pick up that night, They told me they would not hold it and if I wanted it I would have to come pay for it that night and then come back the next day to pick it up.

Reply I’m sick and tired of the big Lots employees at my nearest location.

I’m extremely upset about how neglectfull they are.

this could it be all avoid with simple politeness and respect with human skills not trying to be hyper defensive in front of a new employee and other costumers.